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You have officially completed 10 Steps to Gain Husbandly Leadership.

First things first, click the button below to get a downloadable PDF of all 10 steps.

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As I said in the welcome video, please feel free to shoot me any questions you have, either about the course or about your marriage, at Jacob@husbandhelphaven.com.

What’s Next?

Remember, this course was meant to be fast and actionable. Throughout the course, you’ll remember that there were a few homework assignments that I gave you. If you haven’t already started or completed those, then I recommend you go ahead and do so now. Here’s a quick list of all the changes or tasks I recommended you to start doing after completing this course:

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Step 1 – Make a point of focusing on what YOU can control first. Be happy with yourself, and only then will your wife be able to be happy with you too.

Step 2 – Homework assignment: In the morning, focus on what you need to do in the day ahead and prepare yourself to face discouragement; in the evening, count your blessings.

Step 3 – Let go of the regret you feel for yourself, and the blame you feel for your wife. It will try to creep back in; don’t let it take hold of you

Step 4 – Be conscious of what it means to truly, unconditionally love your wife

Step 5 – Make a conscious decision to work ong being more decisive

Step 6 – Write down at least three short-term, long-term and lifelong goals for yourself

Step 7 – Start and maintain a consistent exercise regimen, whether that’s going to the gym or just getting out for a walk everyday

Step 8 – Get control of your debt; take responsibility for the financial state of your marriage

Step 9 – Understand that the root of genuine affection is an unselfish desire to see your wife happy. Her pleasure is your pleasure.

Step 10 – Stop expecting your wife to initiate sex. Instead, focus on emotional connection first; the physical connectin will come later.


Some of these tasks are things you just have to do once; some of them will take dedicated ongoing effort. By completing these tasks, you will build a foundation for husbandly leadership inside your marriage.

What if You’re Facing Separation, Infidelity or Divorce?

Mastering husbandly leadership is easy when the problems in your marriage are relatively minor, but what if your wife is extremely cold and distant? What if she’s already asking for separation? What if she’s having an affair?

If you liked 10 steps to gain husbandly leadership, but you would like to specific “do this, don’t do that” type of advice for your marriage, then the next step is to sign up for my advanced course, Manly Marriage Revival:

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Normally, 10 Steps to Gain Husbandly Leadership is included as a free bonus with MMR. So, since you already bought the 10 Steps course, I’m going to give you a huge discount on MMR. Instead of $87, you can get it for almost 50% off at $47.

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More Information About Manly Marriage Revival

If 10 Steps was the 101 course in husbandly leadership, Manly Marriage Revival would be the 201.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”David, early bird reader”]My wife had an emotional affair and my marriage was going down fast… I’d been trying to fix things, but nothing seemed to be working. Even before I finished reading Manly Marriage Revival, I noticed that things started to change for the better. Since then, I’ve used the advice and exercises you teach to help get back on the right track.[/pullquote]

Where 10 Steps took you about an hour to complete, MMR will take you at least a week to get through. The 10 Steps PDF is about 20 pages long… By comparison, all the stuff you’ll learn in MMR adds up to about 330 pages of content.

Yeah, it covers a lot.

The course is broken up into three parts.

  1. The first part is all about creating a vision for your ideal marriage and your role in it. It includes a lot of similar stuff that we covered in this course, but it goes much deeper.
  2. The second part of the course is all about communication. You’ll learn how to handle confrontation, and how to show affection when you’re dealing with a wife who’s pulling away from the marriage, and how to handle a cold wife.
  3. The third part of the book is about taking action. You’ll learn exactly what to do if you’re dealing with an affair, you’ll get a list of specific Do’s and Don’ts for when you’re facing separation or divorce, and you’ll learn specific milestones to look for as your marriage is being repaired.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”Mike, early bird reader”]This book is a great resource for every area of your marriage. I feel this shouldn’t just be a resource for a struggling marriage but a must-read before you even enter marriage. I wish I would’ve had this information beforehand. The action plans throughout MMR put me on the path to being the husbandly leader my wife needs and I want to be.[/pullquote]

Just like the 10 Steps course, you’ll get audios for each chapter plus a printable PDF of all 20 chapters (plus all three appendices) for future reference.

If you’re facing separation, infidelity or even divorce, and you would like more help, then Manly Marriage Revival is an excellent next step.

Click here to learn more about Manly Marriage Revival. Just remember to come back to this page to buy the course so you’ll get the member discount.

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