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Peace & Control

53 Lessons

Premium Course

The in-depth video course will guide you through a complete step-by-step system to survive separation well, become the best husband you can be, and make intelligent decisions to save your marriage.

Separation-Proof Mindset, Today

12 Lessons

Starter course

What should you start working on, today? That's what this starter course is all about - quick and actionable lessons all based on the most common pieces of advice I've seen from other men going through separation. Beginner-friendly and intended to help you make changes quickly and effectively, starting today.

The Separation Roadmap

5 Lessons

Free Course

This free 4-part video course will walk you through the four stages of a typical separation. At each stage, I'll tell you what she's thinking, what your goals should be, and what reconciliation tends to look like. Bonus: hear how Marc saved his marriage!

5 Daily Questions To Get Her Back

5 Lessons

Free Course

These five questions are designed to help you remember all of the other lessons that you've learned on Husband Help Haven. The entire course will take you less than 15 minutes to read, and the hope is you will identify at least a couple of these questions to ask yourself every day.