Manly Marriage RevivalBefore we jump into Manly Marriage Revival, I want to make sure we’re both on the same page. I want you to know what this book is and what it is not, and I want you to know where this book is coming from.

For the past three years, men Inside the Haven have been asking me for something more. Until now, I’ve always referred those people to programs offered by either Michael Cross or Dr. Huizenga depending on their problem – two veritable experts in their own right.

But, something was still missing…

Four years after starting Husband Help Haven, I still haven’t found a single book or resource that wholly sums up the essence of husbandly leadership in a way that’s accurate, realistic and actionable. This book is unique in that it is focused exclusively on husbandly leadership and how to put it into practice inside your marriage.

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  • This book is NOT about having more sex in your marriage.
  • This book is NOT about becoming an alpha male.
  • This book is NOT about tricking your wife into staying with you. To tell you the truth, it’s not about your wife at all.
  • This book is all about you. And me. And every man who cares about being the best husband he can be. (Hey, that rhymed…)


This book is the answer to 4+ years of questions from men Inside the Haven. Over time I’ve found that although every marriage is different, many of the overarching problems are the same. So, I literally had my email open beside me as I wrote this entire book, just so I could imagine that I was talking directly to you – the man on the other side of this screen. As you continue reading, you’ll find answers to all of the most common questions and problems men face when implementing husbandly leadership in their own marriage.

Wherever you are right now… Whatever state your marriage is in… This book will help you make it better by teaching you what it really means to be a good husband. You’ll learn how to lead in a way that boosts confidence, increases attraction and fosters love, no matter what your marriage is like right now.

Some of the things you read will be counter-cultural. Most of what you read will be challenging. Throughout this book, you will realize that change needs to happen in your mindset and your marriage, and it will be hard.

Are you ready for the challenge? I believe you are! But first, let’s make one thing clear:

I’m Not Special

The introduction is as good a time as any to tell you where this book is coming from. What makes me qualified to write a book like this?

Honestly, there’s nothing special about me. I’m not smart or particularly good-looking. My wife doesn’t beg me for sex every day of our marriage. We have the occasional disagreement. I’m not a perfect husband; I do stupid things that hurt her feelings more often than I’d like. And I’m not a marriage counselor or therapist.

That being said, I do have three things going for me that make me qualified to help men like you become better husbands:

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  1. I’m happily married to the woman of my dreams, and she loves and respects me as her leader. Everything I teach about leadership has been practiced and proven inside my own marriage.
  2. I’ve never been divorced, but I’ve lived through divorce twice:
    1. As a kid I remember lying awake in bed listening to my parents argue in the kitchen. I watched my parents’ marriage sputter and die throughout my childhood and adolescence, and I’ve spent more hours than I can count analyzing their mistakes.
    2. When I was 20, one of my close friends got divorced. This wasn’t nearly as traumatic as my parents’ divorce because he’d only been married a couple years, but this experience showed me that my friend and my dad both had the exact same problems. This is when I realized that there’s something inherently wrong with the way men function in marriage today.
  3. As I write this, 5,223 men have come Inside the Haven to learn more about husbandly leadership. I’m no marriage counselor, but I’ve seen the inner workings of hundreds of marriages from men who’ve emailed me asking for advice.


Who Is This Book For?

If your wife is on her way out of the marriage, and you want to get her back, this book is for you. Inside, you’ll learn actionable marriage advice so that you know both what you should do and why you should do it.

If you’re separated or if she’s already filed for divorce, and you want the absolute best chance of getting your wife back, then this book is for you. While I can’t guarantee you’ll get her back, I can guarantee that what you’ll learn will maximize your chances of getting her back.

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If you make it through this whole book and take action on what you learn,
I guarantee you’ll be a better husband by the end.


Then let’s go. Introduction over.If you want to be the best husband you can be and create the happiest, most fulfilling marriage of your life, then this book is for you. What you’ll learn inside will help you become a more confident and more loving leader for your family.

Are you ready to start making changes in your marriage?

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