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If you have any questions or issues with one of your Husband Help Haven courses, please do not hesitate to contact me at support@husbandhelphaven.com.

You can also find a list of common problems and their solutions below.

Common Support Topics

There are no coaching slots.

Unfortunately my coaching schedule usually fills up at least one week out from any appointment. I suggest checking every few days until you see something pop up.

I can't log in.
You were emailed a username (your email) and a password to access your Husband Help Haven courses. If you need to reset your password, you can do so from the member dashboard login page. Still can't get in? Please contact me at the email address above.

My password doesn't work.
You can reset your password any time from the login form at the login page

I'm being logged out.
Sometimes we make changes in our system that requires users to log back in, and sometimes the system may log users out for security reasons. Try logging back in.

I can't log in. I know my password is correct.
If you've failed logging in too many times, our system will incorrectly identify you as a threat or someone trying to brute force your way in. Fill out the form above and we'll unblock you.