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    Can You Get Your Wife Back Even If You Are The Only One Trying?

    Let Me Teach You The Step-By-Step System That Has Helped Thousands Of Men Find Their Own Peace & Control And Finally Start Improving Your Relationship With Your Wife...

    • Are you the only one trying to save your marriage?
    • Does it feel like everything you do pushes your wife further away?
    • Are you having trouble recognizing the woman that you married, now that she wants out of the marriage?

    Let's start with the good news... Yes, you can still save your marriage

    Even if she's having an affair.

    Even if she's moved out.

    Even if you don't recognize the woman you married.

    "Is there still a chance she will come back?" is one of the most common questions I get.

    I'll tell you right now... I don't know your story, I don't know your situation, but there is a 99.9% chance the answer to that question is YES.

    Yes, there is still a chance to get your wife back.

    ... Even if you're the only one trying.

    Trust me, I've seen men save their marriage even when all hope seems lost.

    I've seen men save their marriage on the DAY they signed divorce papers.

    And I've seen this sort of miracle story happen too many times to give up hope, no matter how bad things might look like now.

    Joe M.


    "We spent an entire weekend together"

    The day that I invited my wife to come talk to me, I had a strange feeling that something was going to happen. When she walked in the restaurant, when she walked right up to me and gave me the biggest and strongest hug, that's when I knew that we were on the road back. She told me it had not gone unnoticed that I had really stepped up and was being the man she knew I was. We spent an entire weekend together and really fell back in love. 

    "How do I convince my wife to give us one last chance?"

    Now we come to the bad news...

    If you're trying to figure out how to change your wife's mind about the marriage, then you're asking an impossible question.

    Yes, you read that right...

    If you start your quest for reconciliation with the goal of changing your wife's mind...

    You're setting yourself up for failure.

    I'll tell you why in a moment, but first, ask yourself if any of these ring true for you:

    • Does it feel like everything you do pushes your wife away?

    • Has every "talk" made things worse?

    • She refuses to see or believe that you've really changed?

    • Are you tired of feeling completely lost in your separation?

    Don't worry. If a couple of these sound disturbingly familiar, it's because you are not alone.

    You Are Not Alone...

    In fact, you might be surprised to learn just how common your situation really is. These stats from the American Sociological Association's recent study showed some shocking findings.

    Most divorces are started by the wife, and most men are shocked that their wife is leaving!

    of divorces

    How Often The Wife Is The One To File

    of husbands

    How Often The Husband Is Surprised By Divorce

    Most men start out making this very simple mistake:

    They try to change their wife's mind about divorce.

    "What? You're telling me that I'm not supposed to change her mind about the marriage?! C'mon, you can't be serious!"

    But here's the thing that every man has to learn before he can make any progress in the separation:

    You cannot control your wife!

    Sounds obvious, right?

    And yet, have you tried any of the methods on the list below?

    How NOT To Change Her Mind About Leaving:

    The reason that most men feel lost or stuck as they try to save their marriage is because they are putting all of their thoughts, all of their effort, every ounce of energy, into trying to change something that is fundamentally outside of their control!

    If you're like most men, you've already tried all the things that revolve around HER changing HER mind.

    • Convincing her with logic
      The decision to leave the marriage is an emotional one, not a logical one. She's going to do what she wants to do, based on what she feels will make her happiest. Your logical argument just sounds like a telemarketer's sales pitch.
    • Guilt-tripping her
      I don't care if it's about finances, kids, or the sanctity of marriage.   She knows there's going to be consequences, and she has already decided that those consequences are worth getting out of the marriage for.
    • Big romantic gestures
       She knows that these big romantic gestures are just big bargaining chips. She will feel like you're trying to buy back her love with gifts or dates... And she's kind of right, isn't she?
    • Promising that you will change
      She will tell herself that it's too little too late, or that your positive changes will only last until she's come back to the marriage. If you've made promises like that before, then it's even less likely she will believe your promises to change.
    • Begging for "one more chance"
      ... And neither will repeated apologies. She knows that your begging is just your fear talking, not your love. She already knew this would hurt you and decided to do it anyways... Shoving your pain in her face hoping it will change her mind just sets you up for rejection.
    • Repeatedly asking her to explain her feelings
       She knows that this is your way of trying to make her justify her decision to you. Whether she owes you an explanation or not isn't about what's right or fair - if she doesn't want to open up, then trying to make her will build her walls higher.
    • Demanding that you both see a counselor
      Marriage counseling does not have a very high success rate with mixed agenda couples. In other words, when one spouse wants out, even a good pro-marriage counselor won't have high odds of saving the marriage. There are plenty of pro-divorce, pro-feminism counselors out there who would sooner tell your wife to "seek her truth" than to consider working on the marriage.

    CHAD W.


    "We reconciled after only 2 weeks..."

    My wife hit a major mid-life crisis that had been brewing for years  after the birth of our second daughter, and was actively planning on  separation and divorce.  Peace & Control was just what I  needed to approach this life-shaking moment with the right attitude and  through grace.  Because of that, we reconciled after only 2 weeks, and  are now a closer, better family in which my wife knows she is loved  unconditionally and can grow to become the best version of herself.

    I can’t thank you enough,
     - Chad

    Okay, okay... You get the picture.

    Basically, anything that involves trying to change your wife's mind about the marriage is NOT going to work.

    Like I said, we can't start with the goal of 'getting her back'.

    Instead, we need to start by recognizing this simple truth...

    Listen carefully... This is the number one thing that you MUST realize in order to start making smart decisions inside your separation:

    Your Wife Only Comes Back When She WANTS To Come Back

    This critical lesson forms the foundation of everything you'll learn in this course.

    The day that your wife finds herself falling back in love with you will be the day she makes an independent, freewill decision to come back to the marriage.

    Therefore, your end goal is to show your wife the sort of husband, father and man that she WANTS to rebuild a relationship with.

    You see?

    This approach completely flips the script.

    Now, it makes sense why all those things don't work - they are all about trying to change where your wife is at emotionally, instead of changing where YOU are at to make her decision to leave less appealing.

    You don't convince someone to fall in love - it just happens.

    When she likes the man she sees in you, when she can no longer convince herself you're faking it, when she's forced to face the reality that you DO really love her and that you WILL pursue her happiness with the same passion that you pursue your own...

    THAT is when she is most likely to come back!

    So, the next question is, how do you get there?

    Peace & Control:
    An Online Course For Men Solo-Saving Their Marriage

    This course will show you a step-by-step strategy to start making smarter decisions in your separation. Decisions that will give you a better chance at actually getting through to your wife in a way that can actually make a difference.

    Throughout the course, you will develop greater self-control, which you will leverage into greater self-confidence. With self-control and self-confidence in place, THAT is when you are best equipped to start loving your wife in a way that matters to HER.



    "She was gone. She came back."

    Just wanted to say thank you. Your course helped me get through a dark time. She was gone. She  came back. We went to Europe. We’re buying a new house. We are working  on our relationship. God is good. I thank him for making you a means for  knowledge to improve myself.

    Stephen Waldo current

    About Stephen Waldo

    Hi, I'm Stephen, and I coach men who are going through separation. My job is to help you get the best possible chance of saving your marriage.

    To date, I've coached, advised or personally helped nearly 3,000 men going through separation, and millions of men have have used the resources on Husband Help Haven to survive separation and get the best possible chance of saving their marriage.

    After seeing inside literal thousands of separations, I've seen what works and seen what doesn't. Inside this course, you'll learn the step-by-step system that has helped thousands of men get through separation with the best possible chance of saving your marriage. I'm looking forward to helping you fight for yours.



    "We finally turned the corner..."

    I'd been seeing lots of good signs of my wife leaning in after what seemed like a really long stalemate and months of being in limbo. Well, it all culminated and we finally turned the corner...

    We had a great family day enjoying Memorial Day. She went to the gym later and asked me to send her some sexy texts while at the gym. I did and she liked it. Last night we had sex again...the first time in forever we did it two nights in a row...

    With her being fully on board and participating in our marriage coaching and learning these new tools with me on how to be better partners I truly believe we'll have what it takes to stand the test of time. This has been one hell of a journey, but by God it was a necessary one. I'm a better man for it and I believe my marriage will be better for it. A lot of that is thanks to Stephen Waldo and this group.

    Ryan is proof of what can happen when you consistently put your focus in the right places. His separation lasted for many months. He joined the course when she was still living at home. She moved out. She missed him. She moved back. But even then, she needed more time before she could make the leap of faith.

    He stayed consistent through it all, and because he did, his wife had the space and freedom to bring her heart back to the marriage.

    That's exactly what happens when you put your focus in the right place and start pursuing peace and control inside your separation.

    What Happens When You Finally
    Focus On The Right Things?

    Without Peace & Control

    • Frustrated because you can't figure her out
    • You try to change her mind but end up pushing her away
    • She feels like it's what she wants versus what you want
    • She resists conversations with you because she knows you're trying to change her mind
    • Every conversation you have with her is complete guess work
    • You feel completely lost with no idea how to approach your wife
    • It feels like no matter what you do, things keep getting worse and worse
    • Your wife sees you as controlling, manipulative and selfish
    • She becomes more and more certain that divorce is the right choice for her

    With Peace & Control

    • Empowered because you finally figure yourself out
    • You are able to help her open up and share her honest feelings with you
    • She is surprised because you find creative ways to get on the same team
    • She lets her guard down because she stops seeing you as self-serving
    • You are confident and at ease every time you talk to her or see her
    • You have a clear guideline for how you should approach separation
    • You finally get some positive moments with your wife, things finally start feeling better
    • Your wife sees you as genuine, self-confident and selfless
    • She starts having doubts about whether leaving the marriage is the right decision

    Why Peace & Control Opens New Doors With Your Wife

    Chances are, if you've listened to the HHH Podcast or read around the site for any length of time, this is no shock to you. You already know the reasoning... But it would be really nice to have someone walk you through exactly how to achieve these transformations in your life, which are necessary before you can see change with your wife.

    Fortunately, that's exactly what you're in for. After completing the course, you will have not only discovered how to find your own peace and control even in the thick of limbo land... You'll have learned proven methods of leveraging your newfound self-control into self-improvement that matters.

    And, most importantly, you'll also get the tools to make good use of the new opportunities to connect with your wife that often come once you start down this journey.

    In other words...

    Starting your journey with a focus on yourself, enables you to unlock otherwise-hidden opportunities to rebuild trust and connection with your wife.

    Separation Swim Lessons

    Make Yourself Chaos-Proof And Start Thinking Clearly Again

    What do the flight attendants tell you to do when there's an emergency and the oxygen masks pop out of the ceiling?

    "Put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others!"

    Do they tell you this because they want you to be selfish?

    No, just the opposite! Even though it feels counter-intuitive to help yourself first, the truth is that you CANNOT effectively and efficiently help your child or your wife or your neighbors when you can't even breathe yourself.

    Getting your wife back is a lot the same way.

    You HAVE to get your head on straight and focus before you can get the best possible chance of saving your marriage, and that's exactly what we'll be doing in the entire first module of the course.

    Leadership Templates

    Mindset Frameworks To Guide You How To Approach Your Wife

    What if you had a pre-built framework for what sort of man you need to be throughout the rest of your separation?

    That's exactly what you'll get in the second module of the course.

    Now that you have a little self-control back in your life and it feels like you can think clearly again (most days, anyway), it's time to start figuring out the sort of man you want to be as you navigate this separation.

    We will start this process by talking broadly about what sort of mindsets do and don't work well in separation.

    Then, you'll learn how to figure out what changes you need to make to yourself, based on what things MATTER to your wife. We don't want to change just for the sake of change, we want to make specific, targeted changes that will meaningfully improve your life, and as an added side benefit, impress your wife.

    The Ice Cube Method

    *The* Way to Finally Get Wins With Your Wife

    Many students have told me that this is the most powerful technique in the entire course.

    This concept will not only help you get more 'wins' with your wife - moments where you can almost feel her heart warming back up to the marriage - it will also help you become even more resilient to the emotional chaos that so often comes with separation.

    Just about every guy I've seen successfully save his marriage used the Ice Cube Method to do it, even if he didn't know that's what he was doing at the time.

    Create Your Own "Reconciliation Map"

    Finally Understand What Your Wife Needs Before She Will Want To Come Back

    If you can't figure out what your wife needs from you inside the separation, you're like a blind sailor trying to find his way home...

    Like that blind sailor, you can feel the wind, you can feel the rocking boat, you know you're in the middle of a storm, but you have no idea if you're on your way back home or not.

    Inside the course, you will develop a deeper understanding of how your wife feels about the marriage and what's really driving the separation, even if she refuses to tell you herself.

    With a deeper understanding of what's motivating your wife to leave, and you will learn how to reverse engineer exactly what it will take for her to WANT to come back.

    Get Ongoing Support When You Need It Most

    Private Facebook Group + Weekly Q&A Calls

    What if you could get advice directly from other men who have already gone through the exact same thing you are?

    What if you could directly ask Stephen for advice, every single week?

    The course will give you everything you need to make the most of every opportunity you get to win back your wife. But separation is hard, and you might still want some extra help applying what you learn to your unique situation...

    That's what the group support is for. When you sign up to Peace & Control, you'll also get access to a private students-only Facebook Group where you can share with other men going through separation. And, you can also submit questions to a group Q&A call every single week, which is recorded and available even if you can't make it live.



    "I could not think straight..."

    I could not think straight, I was in disbelief, shock, denial, and consumed with fixing my marriage without first understanding why & how this was occurring. I struggled tremendously. The course provided a lot of clarity on why my wife was behaving the way she was, how she was thinking, and what I needed to do in order to understand & therefore handle everything from a much clearer perspective. The course helped me self reflect & work on improving my issues & developing a positive mindset & behaviors to make me a better person, and to be in place to accept & grow.

    What If...

    Your 2.0 Self Is Waiting For You Inside This Separation?

    When you stop trying to control the thing that's most out of your control - your wife - and put your energy instead into controlling and improving yourself, crazy things can happen.

    • I've seen men finally land their dream job, or launch their dream business...
    • Get in the best shape of their lives...
    • Run marathons, climb mountains, conquer their goals...
    • Rebuild broken relationships with their kids...
    • Finally beat alcoholism or drug addiction...

    And too many other achievements to list...

    All WHILE going through marriage crisis.

    I mean, just think about that for a minute. Think about how incredible it would be to be able to look yourself in the mirror and KNOW in your gut that you are looking at the best "self" you've ever seen.

    When you have that sort of confidence, that sort of self-assurance, it completely transforms the dynamic of the separation. You no longer *need* her to come back, and she will feel that.

    Once she believes that you truly don't need her to come back in order for YOU to be happy, that's when she can finally open her mind to the possibility of coming back. Because she will know that her coming back won't be because it's what you want, but because it's really and truly what SHE wants.

    Just read one of my all-time favorite success stories...



    "She tells me everyday she loves me..."

    Here are a list of things I’ve heard from my wife: (please read till the end)

    • We are not compatible.
    • I don’t think I was ever in love with you.
    • We should have never gotten married in the first place, it felt forced.
    • I just don’t find you attractive anymore.
    • I love you but I’m not in love with you.
    • I see you more as a best friend than a husband.
    • There is no way we are ever getting back together.
    • We will never work well together we’re too different.
    • You don’t make me happy.
    • I don’t see a future with us together.
    • We’re getting a divorce and nothing you can do or change will change my mind.

    Today, my wife and I are together. She tells me everyday she loves me. She’s done a full 180. We have sex on a regular basis. We talk we laugh she says we are happy, that she’s happy.

    My point is take everything she says with a grain of salt. You will be fine with or without her. Just be the best version of yourself you can everyday. But, know you’ll be fine.

    Can you love your wife when love is hardest to give?

    Although you might expect that focusing so much on yourself in this way would make you love your wife less, it often has the exact opposite effect.

    Students regularly tell me that they never really knew what it meant to unconditionally love their wife.

    Even after literal decades of marriage, I've had men tell me that it took going through Peace & Control in the middle of a marriage crisis to realize that there were deep flaws in the way they loved their wife.

    In other words, Peace & Control will not only help you improve as a man, it will also help you get better at loving your wife in the way SHE needs, instead of the way you think she should need.

    What's in Peace & Control?

    Module 1: Separation Swim Lessons

    Learn the tools you can use today, tomorrow and throughout the rest of your separation to keep your head "above water" emotionally. 

    8  Videos

    8  MP3s

    Focus Finder Exercises

    Lesson 1.1 - How Do You Finally Stop Feeling So Desperate?

    Lesson 1.2 - In-Depth On The Let Her Go Mindset

    Lesson 1.3 - How To Bravely Face The Reality Of Your Crisis

    Lesson 1.4 - Taking Back The Reins From Depression, Anger and Fear

    Lesson 1.5 - How to Stay Clear-Headed & Effective During Separation

    Lesson 1.6 - "How Likely Is It That I Will Save My Marriage?"

    Lesson 1.7 - "How Long Will My Separation Last?"

    HOMEWORK - Focus Finder Exercises

    Module 2: Leadership Templates That Work

    Start getting into separation strategy, beginning with a look at the type of man that you need to be to get through your separation with the best possible chance of saving your marriage.

    10  Videos

    10  MP3s

    Self-Improvement System

    Lesson 2.1 - How Do You Make Self-Improvement That Matters To Your Wife?

    Lesson 2.2 - What Are The Most Common Mistakes Men Make During Separation?

    Lesson 2.3 - How To Use The Leadership Templates For Self-Improvement

    Lesson 2.4 - Leadership Template 1: The Strong Father

    Lesson 2.5 - Leadership Template 2: The Mystery Man

    Lesson 2.6 - Leadership Template 3: The Loyal Hound

    Lesson 2.7 - Finding The Right Leadership Template For YOU

    Lesson 2.8 - How To Create A Rewards System That Keeps You Going

    Lesson 2.9 - Combat Insecurity & Build Confidence

    Homework - Developing Your Self-Improvement System

    Module 3: Roadmap To Her Return

    This module is where the things your wife is doing will finally start making sense. You'll understand the "why" behind her decision to leave.

    7  Videos

    7  MP3s

    Her Reconciliation Roadmap

    Lesson 3.1 - Why Does Your Wife Really Want Out?

    Lesson 3.2 - The Unloved Wife

    Lesson 3.3 - The Unrecognizable Wife

    Lesson 3.4 - The Unfaithful Wife

    Lesson 3.5 - What Does Your Wife Need Before She Will Come Back?

    Lesson 3.6 - How Much Control Do You Have Over Her Journey?

    Homework - Create Her Reconciliation Roadmap

    Module 4: Get Your First "Win"

    In this module, you'll learn the overarching approach that I recommend to start rebuilding your relationship to make reconciliation more and more appealing to your wife.

    8  Videos

    8  MP3s

    Powerful Ice Cube Method

    Lesson 4.1 - The Recommended First Response To Each Separation Motive

    Lesson 4.2* - Use The Ice Cube Method To Start Getting Small Wins With Your Wife

    Lesson 4.3 - How To Get Her To Do A Double-Take On The Marriage

    Lesson 4.4 - How To Predict Her "Push Away" Moments

    Lesson 4.5 - How To Respond To Her "Push Away" Moments So That They Actually Bring You Closer

    Lesson 4.6 - Detecting & Passing Her "Tests" With Consistency

    Lesson 4.7 - What Do You Do If You Get Stuck?

    Lesson 4.8 - What Do You Do If Nothing Seems To Be Working?

    *Many students have told me that the second lesson in this module completely transformed how they approached getting their wife back.

    Module 5: Decision Making Formulas

    In this module, you'll take the system and concepts taught throughout the course, and learn how to customize them to the unique challenges you face in your separation. 

    8  Videos

    8  MP3s

    "Do This, Not That" Strategies

    Lesson 5.1 - What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

    Lesson 5.2 - How To Customize Your Separation Strategy

    Lesson 5.3 - Accurately Understanding Risk & Reward During Separation

    Lesson 5.4 - Specific High Risk, High Reward Tactics During Separation

    Lesson 5.5 - How To Give Your Wife An Ultimatum That Changes The Trajectory Of The Separation

    Lesson 5.6 - 9 Conversation Tips That Will Help You Build Trust & Attraction

    Lesson 5.7 - How & When To Write A Meaningful Note That Plants Seeds Of Love

    Lesson 5.8 - The Divorce Response Spectrum – What To Do Once Divorce Is On The Table

    Module 6: How To "Snowball" Your Reconciliation

    This module is all about building momentum towards the best marriage of your life. You'll learn how to keep getting win after win after win and lead her gently down the path of reconciliation. 

    6  Videos

    6  MP3s

    3 Types of Reconciliations

    Lesson 6.1 - How Do You Know When She's Coming Back?

    Lesson 6.2 - Rays of Hope That Her Heart Is Opening Back Up

    Lesson 6.3 - How Do You Turn Small Wins Into Big Wins?

    Lesson 6.4 - 3 Types of Reconciliation You Need To Understand

    Lesson 6.5 - Avoid The Most Common Pitfalls That Throw Her Back Into Divorce Mode

    Lesson 6.6 - Happily Ever After - How To Future Proof Your "New" Marriage

    Module 7: Staying Hopeful Through Divorce (optional)

    This module teaches you how to face the other potential outcome of separation - divorce - in a way that preserves hope for your future.

    7  Videos

    7  MP3s

    Her Reconciliation Roadmap

    Lesson 7.1 - Can You Still Get Your Wife Back After Divorce Goes Through?

    Lesson 7.2 - When Is It Time To Throw In The Towel? (hint: it depends, but I'll tell you what it depends on)

    Lesson 7.3 - What Is Guaranteed After Divorce Is Final?

    Lesson 7.4 - How To Keep Your Confidence Even When Divorce Becomes Inevitable

    Lesson 7.5 - How Do You Know That You Can Be Happy Again After Divorce?

    Lesson 7.6 - How To Transition Into The Next Chapter Of Your Life

    Lesson 7.7 - Divorce Advice From Men Who’ve Been Through It

    Plus, Get Ongoing Support For Your Most Difficult Challenges

    Join The Students-Only Facebook Group

    Get Access To A Private Online Support Group For Men Going Through Separation

    Not sure how to respond to your wife's text?

    Having a hard time making sense of something that she just did?

    Wish you could get advice from someone who's already been through exactly what you're going through?

    The private students-only Facebook Group is the perfect place to ask questions and get support from me and other students.

    There's no replacement for the support of other men who've been right where you are. This is especially helpful for men who might not have other people in their life who understand what they're going through... If that's you, there's a good chance the Facebook Group will be the most valuable part of the course.

    Ask Questions On Weekly Q&A Calls

    Submit A Question For Me To Answer On Our Weekly Group Q&A Calls (via Zoom)

    Do you want my help with a specific issue that you're facing in your marriage?

    Want to get specific, customized advice in applying the concepts you learn inside Peace & Control?

    Every week, I'll send out an email inviting you to submit a question for me to answer on a live Zoom call.

    Can't join the live call? Don't worry!

    All Q&A calls are recorded and made available inside the Q&A Recording Archive. So even if you can't make the live call, you can still submit a question and get my advice.

    That means in addition to the live Q&A calls every week, you can also look back at past Q&A calls to get ideas for your separation.


    I am going to be totally upfront with you... This is course is NOT a magic overnight answer. What you learn in this course will not always be easy. 

    The goal of this course is to help you love your wife when she is hardest to love, in a way that is most likely to move her heart. But at the end of the day, you are one person trying to save a two-person relationship, so things are not going to feel "fair" right now. Fair isn't the goal. The goal is doing what you need to do to save your marriage, even if it takes time, hard work, and consistency to get lasting transformation in yourself and your marriage.

    Here's What You Get When You Sign Up:

    Instant lifetime access to the full Peace & Control online course

    Start your journey immediately after you purchase, and the help will always be there when you need it.

    Step-by-step system I've used over and over to guide men through separation

    You don't have to wonder if you're doing the right approach, because you'll be following the exact same steps that thousands of men have walked before you.

    7 course modules, each with 5-10 video lessons (12 hours total watch time)

    A logical roadmap from self-control to self-improvement to getting your best possible shot at reconciliation.

    Downloadable MP3 audios for every lesson to listen on the go

    Listen to the most helpful lessons on your way to work, while you workout, or any other time you need encouraging, helpful listening material.

    Homework assignments to put what you learn into practice

    Not everybody has to do the homework, that's okay. But if you want to get the best results possible, you'll get easy-to-follow assignments to help you realize full focus and optimal progress in your life.

    Key takeaways to help you remember what you learned in the course

    Once you finish the course, we'll spend one final lesson recapping everything that you learned. This is a great reference to jump back to anytime you need a reminder of what your job is to get your wife back!

    Students-only Facebook Group

    The best online support group in the world for men going through separation. Many men have told me that this group is the single most valuable part of the course. And it's easy to see why... There's nothing like having the support and advice of other men who've been through what you're going through.

    Live Weekly Q&A Calls

    (Recorded for those who can't make it)

    Need help with a specific question? The live Q&A calls are the perfect place to get my advice on any specific challenge that you're facing in your separation.

    Q&A Recordings Archive

    Every week, the Q&A call is uploaded into the Q&A Recordings Archive. This means that if you miss the call, you can still go back and hear my answer to your question.

    Plus, the archives offer nearly unlimited content to keep you motivated and focused inside your separation. Many men get inspiration from hearing my answers to other men's questions.


    Plus, Get These Bonus Resources When You Sign Up!

    In addition to the full step-by-step system taught in the main Peace & Control course, you'll also get access to a whole bunch of bonus resources to further help you on your journey through marriage crisis. Each of these bonus lessons, which you'll find in the 'Additional Resources' section of the course, will give you extra valuable insights to help you in your fight for your marriage.

    Bonus 1
    Student Interviews & Case Studies

    Want to see real-world examples of men who've gone through separation?

    You'll get access to two correspondence case studies where you can follow along with the emails exchanged between myself and two men going through separation.

    And, you'll also get to sit in on two student interviews. Hear real men share what worked and what didn't as they battled their way through marriage crisis.

    Bonus 2
    The Good Dad's Quick Marriage Crisis Toolkit

    In this two-part parenting bonus lesson, you'll learn what you need to do to feel confident that you're protecting your kids from the harmful pain of marriage crisis as much as possible.

    Then, we'll devote an entire lesson to talking to your kids about what's going on in the marriage. Yes, that means you'll get tools to talk to your wife too, as you (hopefully) can build trust with your wife even as you make this painful step closer to divorce becoming reality.

    Bonus 3
    The "What If I Caused This?" Shift

    What if YOU were the one that had an affair? Or moved out? Or even asked for divorce?

    In other words, what if you legitimately caused the separation yourself, and now you're trying to save your marriage... Is there any hope?

    This bonus lesson will help you use the tools you learned inside the course when you're the one that is primarily responsible for the separation.

    Bonus 4
    The "Is This Even Worth It?" Antidote

    Also known as, how to deal with your own resentment as a difficult separation drags on.

    Most men have moments where they just struggle to stay motivated to keep going. The resentment creeps in, and they start asking, "Is this even worth it?"

    This lesson will help you re-light the fire of motivation when the poison of doubt creeps into your mind. When you need someone to remind you why you're still in this, the "Is This Even Worth It?" antidote will pick you up and keep you going.

    Bonus 5
    Making Sense Of Divorce As A Christian

    One day a reader sent me a note that, in more words, asked why God was ignoring his prayers to save his marriage.

    Oof. It's a hard  question, but one that many Christian men struggle with.

    Although Peace & Control is a course for ALL men facing separation, regardless of faith or creed, this 8-page bonus guide will provide a good starting point for anyone who shares these tough spiritual questions about marriage crisis.

    The Peace & Control Online Course

    You might expect this course to cost around a thousand dollars. Most good marriage coaches charge at least $150 per session, and it would take at least 10 or 12 dedicated sessions to teach you the in-depth system you'll learn in Peace & Control.

    So if you assumed that this course would be valued at over a thousand dollars, you would be absolutely right. This course is extremely valuable, it's been a game changer for hundreds of men already in the two short years it's been available.

    Just take a look at everything you get when you sign up...

    Peace & Control video course

    $1,800 value*

    Downloadable MP3 audios

    $199 value

    Printable Homework assignments

    $99 value

    Student interviews & case studies

    $99 value

    The Good Dad's Marriage Crisis Toolkit

    $99 value

    Bonus 3 - The "What If I Caused This?" Shift

    $29 value

    Bonus 4 - The "Is This Even Worth It?" Antidote

    $29 value

    Bonus 5 - Making Sense of Divorce As A Christian

    $49 value

    Lifetime access to future updates

    $49 value

    Private students-only Facebook Group

    $49 / month value

    Live group Q&A calls every week

    $99 / month value

    Access to entire Q&A Recordings Archive

    $299 value

    *Value based on number of private coaching sessions needed to teach you the full course material.

    TOTAL VALUE: $2,899

    That's thousands of dollars of value.

    But Peace & Control is only...

    Yes, you are reading that right. For less than the price of two or three sessions with a counselor, you get 12+ hours of proven, confidence-building separation advice and ongoing support through your entire separation.

    60-Day Money Back Guarantee

    My refund policy is very simple - if you ask for a refund within 60 days, you get it, no questions asked.

    I strive to be a man of integrity. I truly do not want your money if the course does not help you. No fine print. Your life and your marriage matter infinitely more to me than your wallet.

    "Will this course still work if..."

    You know the course presents a system that will work for most men, but you're not most men. You're facing unique challenges in your separation. You don't have time to invest in a course that might not give you the tools YOU need to overcome the unique challenges you're facing with your wife.

    If you're facing any of the problems below, this course WILL still work for you.

    • I'm the only one trying to save my marriage
    • She told me, "I love you, but I'm not in love with you."
    • She told me, "It's too little, too late."
    • She already moved out
    • She already filed for divorce
    • We are already in mediation
    • She's having an emotional affair
    • She's having a physical affair
    • I had an affair
    • She's leaving because of an addiction which I have now sought treatment for
    • Her new friend group are all telling her to get divorced
    • We have already been separated for over a year
    • She ignores all attempts at communication
    • I no longer recognize the woman that I married
    • Her family is telling her to get divorced
    • We don't have kids
    • We are a blended family with kids from a previous marriage
    • She is leaving because I'm too controlling
    • She moved a long ways away
    • I have very little contact with my wife
    • My wife is completely cold, and will only talk business
    • She is dealing with mental health problems
    • I think that she is going through a midlife crisis
    • She says there is absolutely no way her feelings will change
    • Her new friend group are all telling her to get divorced
    • I was the one who originally asked for divorce

    If any of those statements ring true for you, Peace & Control will give you the tools you need to make smarter decisions in your separation.

    If you have further questions about the course, be sure to scroll down to the FAQ section to see instances where this course might not be a good fit for you.



    "My kids are as happy as any kid could be"

    Thanks to this course and the band of brothers who've supported me on here, I wouldn't be where I am today. My wife and I are still in the reconciliation process and we're taking it day by day. We're spending thanksgiving together as a family, and as a husband and wife. My kids are as happy as any kid could be, and my wife and I are in a good place.

    Are You The Only One Trying To Save Your Marriage?

    Here's Why Peace & Control Is The Best Option Out There



    Marriage counseling is expensive and doesn't work when you force her to go... And that's assuming you get a good counselor!

    Peace & Control is specifically meant to be used on your own as you battle for the future of your marriage.

    On top of that, there's no guess work involved in Peace & Control... If you've been to Husband Help Haven or listened to the podcast, then you already know if you like my teaching style. And if not, then I encourage you to head over and check out some of my free resources to see for yourself.



    Independent counseling is great for mental health, but it's expensive and takes weeks to see results. Plus, most counselors won't give you a concrete separation strategy (it's not their job).

    Peace & Control will teach you a comprehensive approach that can carry you through your entire separation, start to finish.

    Believe it or not, it actually makes an excellent compliment to independent counseling... Learn a proven separation strategy from the course, work through your own issues and get ongoing in-person support from a counselor!

    If you can only afford one, it's up to you to decide whether you want to invest in proven separation strategy and mindsets.



    Marriage retreats are expensive and require your wife to agree to go with you, and you have to find one at a time and place that fits your busy schedule.

    Peace & Control is made specifically for men trying to get their wife back even if she's deadset on divorce.

    Once you sign up, you can start using the course TODAY, and you can go through the material at a pace and at a time that works for you, on any device that has an internet browser. You can even download the audios to take with you on the road or on a run, great for re-listening and reminding yourself what you're supposed to be doing.

    Personally, I love marriage retreats for couples that are already in the process of reconciliation. But if you're still separated, Peace & Control is by far a better option.



    Other courses cost $500 to $1,000+ and most of them only work if your wife is also trying to save the marriage.

    Peace & Control is much more affordable than most other courses because it was made to serve you as the customer first and foremost.

    In fact, Peace & Control wouldn't even exist were it not for hundreds of men over the years asking me to put together a course that turns my approach to separation into a structured, step-by-step strategy.

    Husband Help Haven was built from the ground up to help MEN trying to save their marriage alone. That's what makes this course one-of-a-kind.



    Other courses use dishonest marketing like "Save Your Marriage Guarantees" to promote their product.

    I specifically do NOT guarantee that Peace & Control will save your marriage.


    Because anybody who makes that guarantee is lying to you. I've seen plenty of books and courses out there that promise once you give them your money, you are guaranteed to save your marriage. Or that you at least have a 90%+ chance of saving your marriage.

    This is dishonest marketing. How can you trust the advice you get from someone who uses sleazy sales tactics to sell their course? That's why the guarantee I make with Peace & Control is simple and truthful - I promise you that this course will help you get the best possible chance of saving your marriage.

    You're not a statistic - the only way to know whether you'll be a success story or not is to buckle down and do the work.



    Peace & Control has been more thoroughly tested than every other course out there.

    Peace & Control is for men looking for an efficient, no-nonsense approach to getting their wife back. No fluff, just results.

    Everything you learn in Peace & Control has been tried and tested many times over before it landed on your device screen.

    To give you an idea of how I tested this course before launching it...

    1. First I spent about five years just helping men for free, giving free advice to help them through their separation. This is where I honed a proven separation strategy for men.
    2. Then I wrote a book teaching the strategy and sold a couple thousand copies (not MMR, different book).
    3. Then I turned the book into a very early version of this course and took a small group of five guys through it one-on-one. I listened closely to their feedback.
    4. Then I revised the course and took a group of about 50 guys through it, making sure it solved and answered all their questions.
    5. Then I revised the course one last time and did a final test run with another group of about 100 guys.

    Only then, once the concepts and strategies inside the course had been refined and revised FOUR TIMES OVER, did I open the doors up and make the course publicly available as you see here today.

    Will You Be A Success Story?

    I don't know your story. But no matter what things are like right now, if you're still married, there's still hope. The only way to know if reconciliation will be your story or not, is to buckle down, focus up, and start figuring out how to make the most of whatever chance YOU have to save your marriage. It doesn't matter how big or small that chance might be - I promise you it's there, but only if you're ready to do something about it!


    How long can I access the course?

    Is there a money back guarantee?

    What if I can't join the live Q&A calls?

    I have a unique problem... Will this course help me?

    How will this purchase be labeled in my bank account?

    I am a woman going through separation, can Peace & Control work for me?

    I Hope To See You Inside The Course!

    If you have any questions at all about the course before signing up, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Just shoot an email to inside (at)